Welcome to the Stud Farm Horstfelde!
We breed so that you can
show off your athletic side.

We breed and sell excellent horses that have enjoyed national and international success. Thanks to selected, high quality dam lines, coupled with proven athletic genetics, our stud farm raises horses that have built a reputation which extends far beyond the borders of Brandenburg, generating tremendous national and international popularity.

The Stud Farm

The meadows and pasture lands of the stud farm Gestüt Horstfelde are situated on the edge of a scenic, legally protected marshland about 60 km (37 Miles) south of Berlin at Brandenburg’s
Teltow Flaeming.

The stud farm is organized as an agricultural farm with its own feed production.

Our horses


Geschichte_Gestüt_HorstfeldeHorse breeding in the Mark Brandenburg was documented for the first time in the 15th century. A mix of English Thoroughbred, Trakehner and Hannoveraner were used to breed a reliable warm-blooded Brandenburger with the finest character and excellent breedability.

Our horses